Hi, I am a web application consultant that can help you get on top of that web game.

My name is Simon de la Court and I am a freelance web application consultant and developer.

So what do I do?

I design (web) applications, from MVP to full scale web apps with APIs, apps, integrations and much more. I like working on projects from the start, not just focusing on the tech but the bigger picture.

How I make code work (for you?)

Code is to me an abstract formulation of a real world problem. I like to start at the beginning, understand the task at hand, its context and its future goals.

My quality lies in the translation from idea to a working system. To focus on the essence, create a clear development path and get that project going. My method of working is always to look further than the first deadlines, and look at the bigger picture.

I tend and prefer to observe in the first phase, try to really understand what is going on and get a grip of what you might or might not need. That is why I like to be in from the start.

But its not just the abstract part, I love well crafted code. Not just for the sake of poetry, but well crafted code is a sustainable base, that will get you ahead.

What tech stack?

Developers love talking about tech stack, and how MEAN is so much better than LAMP. But hey, I am experienced with these;

  • Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL (and some MySQL) / and a lot of its ecosystem
  • PHP - since the beginning of days
  • NodeJS - ExpressJS
  • React (Native), Redux and all the JS around it
  • And a growing love for Elixir

I guess that is the true multi disciplined list. It's not complete though. There is a lot more tech I can work with, but I find these to matter.

Not all apps are made equal

Using and finding the right tools for the job is a big part of my work. Most projects are larger than the one-stop-shop, and require team work, integration with other parties or tools written by people who are simply better than one person can get you.

I look for a healthy balance in software, where you keep control of the things that matter to you, and expedite the things that other people do better. It makes no sense to try to beat AppSignal in reporting errors, but it does make sense to keep the business end at you side.

Being thoughtful of the technologies you pick allows you to excel not only today, but also in a further future. It generally is worth investing more at that start, getting the foundation right. For me getting that foundation right does not start with the code, but with the concept and the goals. In a constantly evolving web world it seems likely to surf along another trend, but you want to make sure your choice now can withstand time.

Because we could have a chat, or check out my LinkedIn, or my GitHub. You can find me on many more places, or check up my CV to see some of that history.